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ROYAL BOMBSHELL: Lady C demands Archie and Lilibet are removed from the line of succession, unless the Palace can provide “absolute proof that Meghan bore those children"

The royal author and aristocrat blows up the conspiracy of silence surrounding the births of the Sussex children

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It’s the royal taboo that is openly discussed online and in royal circles, while being studiously avoided by the so-called “journalists” on the royal rota and anyone else working in the mainstream media.

But Lady Colin Campbell today blows up the conspiracy of silence surrounding the unusual circumstances and mysteries surrounding the births of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, openly questioning whether they should remain in the line of succession.

The unparalleled royal author and aristocrat, who first came to prominence in the early Nineties for revealing the truth about Princess Diana’s tribulations before anyone else, has issued an ultimatum to Buckingham Palace.

In a dramatic Outspoken Town Hall, which you can watch in full above, she declares: “How unfair is it for those children that you have all of this speculation from before they were born and this will follow them for the rest of their lives. The whole thing is the height of irresponsibility. I’d like to see somebody at Buckingham Palace man up and woman up, and just do what should be done. Clear it up once and for all. There should be no room for mystery as to who is legitimately in the line of succession and if there is a mystery they should be removed from the line of succession. I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven.”

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It’s a difficult, highly personal question, but the answers have constitutional implications, given the Sussex children are sixth and seventh in line to the throne, so finding them is surely in the public interest for any royal reporter.

During the bizarre birth of Archie, I first raised the alarm about all the mistruths that were told at the time by Team Harry and Meghan. What was the point of lying to members of your own family and the media about the time and location of the birth? It didn’t make any sense then and still doesn’t.

“It has constitutional implications and is certainly in the national interest. I think the matter should be cleared up one way or another,” Lady C opines.

“The citizens of this country have an absolute right to know that anyone in the line of succession has a valid place there and there should be no doubt whatsoever. And if the participants have created a doubt, which Harry and Meghan have certainly created…it’s their conduct, hers especially, but he has been collusive in all of this.”


There are two important clarifications to make here.

First, even though she is scathing about the professionalism of the current crop of royal courtiers, Buckingham Palace cannot be blamed for this situation.

“The Palace didn’t create the mess – they have found themselves caught up in what they regard as a no win situation,” Lady C explains.

“I don’t think Dan, in fairness to the seniors at the Palace, that they’re trying to shut me down. You know that an awful lot of the staff at the Palace are completely incompetent. Their default position is maybe if we don’t do anything we won’t be blamed for anything. The level of incompetence is beyond belief.”

But she adds: “Meghan’s conduct and Harry’s conduct are what’s created these questions. I think it is in the interest of the British crown and the British people that this be addressed very straightforwardly: Provide the proof to the world that those children were born in such a way that no questions can be asked, which means they have to provide absolute proof that Meghan bore those children and was delivered of those children herself.

“One of the things they did was they amended Archie’s birth certificate and then she announced that she had done it at the instruction of the Palace and the Palace said, no, she had done it at her own behest. For legal reasons there are certain things I cannot say at this time. If those children were not born by surrogacy she has created a situation and caused people to believe that they could have been born by surrogacy. This would be mischief making of the highest order and highly damaging to the Royal Family.”

Secondly, Lady C – who explores the issue in her bombshell updated biography Harry and Meghan: The Real Story, Persecutors or Victims – is clear she is not making a categorical statement that the children were not born legitimately.

She clarifies: “I’m not saying that she didn’t give birth to those children, I’m saying that her conduct has created the doubt that she didn’t give birth to them.

“This is not a family matter; it is a constitutional matter.”

“All they need to do is come clean like they have with every other royal birth. Every other royal birth has been signed off by reputable doctors.

“It’s not going away until the Palace provides proof of who the doctors were – all signed off. Because we have a right to know. If they can’t do that then I’m afraid those children should be removed from the line of succession forthwith. It’s as simple as that.”

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There is a historical precedent for such clarity following the warming pan incident of 1688, which led to untrue suggestions that James Francis Edward was an illegitimate child. As a result, from 1894 to 1948, the British Home Secretary would be in attendance at royal births to ensure there were no imposters.

Lady C explains: “The purpose of the Home Secretary was that there would be no warming pan incident ever again and no sleight of hand; that no bastard, which is the legal term, would be able to accede to the throne unjustly. Why should Eugenie, Beatrice, Peter Phillips, Zara Phillips, all of them be knocked out of the line of succession for two children whose arrival has been cloaked in cloak and dagger secrecy.”

Furthermore, Lady C is at pains to point out this is not any attack on children who may have been adopted or birthed by a surrogate.

“You know I have nothing against those children being Lord and Lady Windsor – they’re entitled to have the full function of adoptive or surrogate children, with all the honours that go along with that. My two children are adopted. I have nothing against children entering a family,” she says.


What’s perhaps most shocking is that the mainstream media has been too scared to ask these important questions because of the chilling legal attacks made on a free press in recent years by the Sussexes and their cronies.

“The mainstream media is terrified because Harry and Meghan have been suing them left right and centre, and until all those cases are resolved they wouldn’t want to address this because of the financial implications,” Lady C says.

“Of course, many of them are cowardly to be dead blunt about it and they don’t want to embarrass themselves or their employers. And some of their employers will want to go to lunch at Buckingham Palace once every 25 years – so there’s all of that going on.”

Lady C also concedes there is no easy process for Buckingham Palace to investigate, although they did take many months to formally add Archie and Lilibet to the line of succession on the royal website.

“To a large extent the monarchy has its hands tied because those two children were put in the line of succession because the Palace was tendered valid birth certificates stating Harry was the father and Meghan was the mother,” she says.

“If the Palace thought that there was some doubt, how are they going to be able to prove it except through unlawful means? And there is no way to prove it through lawful means. In this country you can’t just pluck out someone’s hair and run the DNA on it. It’s not as simple and straightforward as the public think it is.”


That said, Lady C is convinced this issue will only get bigger in the years to come – and, until she receives answers, she won’t let it go.

“I’ve spoken to people about this at a very senior level and it’s not going to go away. If William accedes to the throne with no problem and he doesn’t travel with his children there will be no foreseeable problem. But if they continue travelling as a bloc there is a valid, ongoing concern,” she says.

“You could have Harry and Meghan on the throne, which I think would be the end of the monarchy, but then you would also have Archie and Lilibet in the immediate line of succession, way in front of everyone else who was born without any queries.”


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