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Samantha Markle will ask Princess Catherine to submit a deposition with legal fight against sister moving to Eleventh Circuit Court – as her lawyer confirms late Queen branded Meghan "evil"

In an Outspoken interview exclusive, the sister of the Duchess of Sussex and attorney Peter Ticktin speak out on the high profile defamation case

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Over the next few weeks as we gear up for the start of our brand new Outspoken daily news and opinion show, I will still be bringing you the same mix of exclusive interviews, columns, news stories, analysis, community debate and live Town Hall events.

Today we kick off with a bombshell chat with Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha Markle and her attorney Peter Ticktin, who just so happens to be Donald Trump’s best friend, as they reveal their defamation battle against the Duchess of Sussex is far from over.

Indeed, despite her disappearance from the public eye because of a serious medical condition, they intend to ask the Princess of Wales to provide a deposition.

“I felt that Princess Catherine might have some very important light to shed on what had occurred. Obviously something is really really wrong between these two (Catherine and Meghan),” Mr Tickin said.

Further, Mr Ticktin confirms the long held rumour that the late Queen had referred to Meghan in a pejorative manner, possibly among friends at Balmoral shortly before her death.

He explained: “I heard that Queen Elizabeth did say about Meghan Markle, ‘Meghan Markle is evil.’ From someone like Queen Elizabeth that’s not a slight little remark, that is a big big heavy remark. I don’t think that Her Majesty called people evil at all until she would actually look evil in the eye and that’s really what we are facing.”

For her part, Samantha believes it’s possible Catherine will assist her, saying: “There were many people who were anxious to testify and still are, and so much evidence to present.”

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Mr Ticktin’s decision to move the fight to Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals will get around the issue of Judge Charlene Honeywell being an Obama appointee, who the lawyer asked to recuse herself from the case and Sam believes had a strong bias against her politically.

“We’re still in the fight. Don’t count us out. There’s too much to give up on. The best part of it is that this was a motion to dismiss, it wasn’t a trial. The Eleventh Circuit has a number of judges that were appointed by Donald Trump,” he said hopefully.

“It’s not a little fight between two sisters. Once the Sussex Squad turns on you it’s devastating. You get death threats that are credible, you get people stalking you in real life. It’s the new world.”

I’m going to be looking into the dark tactics used by the Sussex Squad – the most dastardly group of internet trolls – in the weeks to come, but Samantha’s anger remains targeted at her sister for the lies told during her Oprah Winfrey interview and Netflix special that has put her life at risk.

“I was made out in the Netflix thing to be a leader of a hate group. A hate group by definition incites a lot of violence globally. Now, because of what is going on and what is being fuelled by the radical left, to put me in the crosshairs of that I think is morally reprehensible. It’s disgusting because it’s not true and it endangers me.”

It’s particularly hypocritical given Meghan’s recent South by Southwest appearance decrying internet trolling without a hint of irony.

“When she’s out there talking about online bullying and bullying between woman, well we’ve got a woman who’s got millions of dollars who is, in my opinion and of many others, a purveyor of bullying and of misinformation,” Samantha fumed.

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Samantha represents the best of America. She believes in free speech, due process and the constitution. Her sister, meanwhile, believes in destroying her enemies.

But Mr Ticktin, who spent nine months gathering information about the truth of January 6th, thinks Harry and Meghan could be in for a tougher time under a likely second Trump administration.  

“I can tell you that he has a different way of looking at things than almost anyone else. I don’t think he would be on Harry’s side, put it that way. Harry has come here to the United States to interfere with our ability to have the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. This man has his own agenda,” he said.

And Sam added: “They have been using their titles to interfere in American politics. Well article one, section nine of the constitution prohibits royal titles from interfering in American politics.”


The mainstream media will not tell you the truth about Samantha’s ongoing legal battle with Meghan or The Heritage Foundation’s bid for Harry’s immigration records to be made public to see whether he was honest about his illegal drug use.

But I will provide the coverage you won’t get anywhere else talking directly to the players involved.

Now watch the full video interview (above) for far more revelations from Samantha and Peter.