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Reunited with Father Calvin Robinson: Justin Welby must go now and why Prince William needs to embrace the Church of England

The country’s most controversial Christian opens up about his GB News departure, the state of the west and the fight to keep faith alive

On the most solemn day of the year for Christians, it felt natural to publicly reunite for the first time with Father Calvin Robinson – the man who put his morals where his mouth is by losing both his job and hit show at GB News for standing up for me following my ludicrous suspension (and later permanent exit from the channel) last September to appease the radical left woke mob and Ofcommunist establishment.

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During the first Outspoken Members Town Hall ahead of Easter, our paid subscribers had a chance to speak to us live about that departure from the so-called “home of free speech”, plus all the big news stories of the day (upgrade now if you’d like to be part of these in the future).

But not surprisingly Calvin was most passionate about what he views as the degradation of the Church of England under the leadership of Justin Welby, who he today calls on to “immediately” resign.

“He’s done so much damage to the church that I don’t know how it’s possible to fix it,” Calvin told me in response to a question from Outspoken member Tracy Collins. “I don’t know if he knows it’s Easter; he’s talking about Ramadan all the time.”

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Calvin, who has had his own battle with the Church of England after being blocked for ordination, says the 105th archbishop of Canterbury is not beyond redemption, but does “bad things” because “he’s confused and misguided”, including following a blatant globalist agenda.

“I’ve seen he has a profile on the World Economic Forum website,” Calvin explains. “That could be part of the problem. He should be around good Christians who can hold him accountable and make sure he’s sticking to the gospels.

“He’s surrounded in that Westminster bubble as lots of journalists and politicians are. I don’t think he gets the real world. I don’t think he gets real people. I think he’s always trying to appease the masses and thinks: ‘Well, what do people care about? Reparations, Black Lives Matter…Yeah of course! Let’s jump on that bandwagon.’”

Calvin suggests there are some simple ways to save the CoE: “If he just stayed out of the press for a couple of years and focussed on building the church up – because the church has been in decline since the 1920s and it sped up under his remit. If he stopped doing what he’s doing and focussed on getting bums in pews and making sure there are enough priests for every parish, he’d do a much better job.

“If he thinks the church is institutionally racist and there should be more black people in the church, well he should try and get an African to stand for Archbishop of Canterbury. Someone who’s really Orthodox and solid in his faith who isn’t going to be corrupted by the Islington elites.”


It's not just the Church of England where there are obvious problems, given corporate Britain is now openly and egregiously challenging the concept of Easter itself, with some supermarkets now selling “Gesture Eggs” and Iceland even removing the cross from hot cross buns.

“What is the point of a hot cross bun without the cross? It’s just a bun, surely. The whole point of it is it's Good Friday memorabilia. In fact, for many years in this country it was illegal to sell them on any other day,” Calvin rages.

“What’s a gratitude egg for? It’s just a bit of chocolate. What’s the purpose of it? What they’re doing is removing Christ and Christianity from these things. Why? Diversity, inclusion and equality. If you want to celebrate other cultures then OK, but at least celebrate ours as well.”

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It’s difficult to deny that Christianity is under attack throughout the western world, with hate laws in Scotland providing the latest obvious threat.

“It’s so dangerous,” Calvin warns. “Someone who preaches the Christian gospel in their own home, if someone else was in their home and finds it offensive, they could file a hate crime against that person. So it’s not just risking free speech in the public square but free speech in your private home. I don’t know what’s worse than that.”

The Royal Family without the late Queen could provide a threat to the Church as well, with Calvin critical of Supreme Governor of the Church of England King Charles’ pledge to “all faiths”.

“I think he tried to fix what he said there at his Coronation. I’m not sure he succeeded when he was playing the diversity game at a time he didn’t need to. I’m someone who is against diversity. But even for people who are in favour of it you don’t need to have it all the time at all places,” Calvin argues.

“A coronation of a King at a Christian cathedral is an explicitly Christian ceremony so I think people would be quite forgiving if there was no Sikh, Hindu or Muslim representation. It’s a little bit silly. He’s too woke in that regard. I’m not a fan of King Charles at all. I pray for him a lot because I don’t like him and I think he’s making mistakes and I want him to do better. I think he’s a very confused fellow. He opens the WEF. What are you doing? For goodness sake, England first, the United Kingdom first.”


The prospect of King William could be worse for the Church, however, with reports the Prince of Wales is decidedly cool about spirituality.

“This could be the end of the country,” Calvin warns. “There’s no way to separate the Supreme Governor of the Church of England from the position of the King, of the sovereign. It would mean disestablishmentarianism. It would mean the separation of church and state. But the church has its tentacles in every element of state. I don’t know what would happen if he said he didn’t want to be Supreme Governor of the Church of England.”

While the challenges facing Christianity are clear, our 75-minute Outspoken Town Hall, which you can watch above, covers a plethora of issues from Calvin including:

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-How he plans to quit London because he “feels my life could end any day” under Sadiq Khan’s leadership

-Why he believes “leftism is a mental disorder”

-Criticism of Reform UK’s Nigel Farage and Richard Tice for wanting to be part of the establishment

-How civil war will be coming to the US if Donald Trump loses