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Prince Harry wants Meghan to become Queen! The Sussexes' secret plot exposed by Angela Levin

The Duke’s biographer also reveals how Camilla no longer allows King Charles to be alone with his son in bombshell Uncancelled interview

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No journalist knows the Duke of Sussex better than Angela Levin.

Her best-selling biography Harry: Conversations with the Prince was based on 15 months of intimate Palace chats with the royal, which ended just as he became obsessed with the C-list American actress Meghan Markle, who would end up tearing the Windsor family apart.

Despite profound reservations having seen Meghan on royal duties up close trying to steal the spotlight from her then fiancé, Angela still dabbed away tears as she celebrated the couple’s 2018 marriage at Windsor Castle, where she covered the event for the American broadcaster CNN.

But six years on, she’s now ready to admit, as we are reunited for the first Uncancelled interview of my new independent era, that Meghan had a secret plot all along.

Angela reveals: “The Queen did everything possible. She gave them top aides to help her and she did say that Meghan could carry on acting if she wanted. The more you think about it in retrospect, the more you see that, whatever happened, she wasn't going to stay there. She was going to take Harry away because she got what she wanted: A title and lots of money. But he hasn't got as much money as she wanted, she's a bit upset about that. She thought it would be more.”

Harry is now implicit in Meghan’s grand plan: “He was loved. Meghan was admired when she first came. But it was all a plot. They want to bring down the Royal Family and get rid of the press. No more newspapers. That's his thing that he wants to do forever to get control of it.”


Perhaps even more remarkably, Angela reveals that Harry’s desire to destroy his own family has an even more sinister end game in his scheme: Seeing Meghan take the throne.

“He believes – and this must surprise you – that Meghan is the one who should take over as Queen,” she explains.


Such a scenario would require the unlikely prospect of William and his children removing themselves from the line of succession, with Harry then acting as an “aide” to his power mad wife, who is also delusional enough to believe she could one day be the first female president of the USA.

Angela explains: “He does what he's told, and he thinks that it was very bad that Meghan wasn't questioned about what should be done to make the royal family up to date. And she said herself that she felt that they should have asked her what should be done rather than Kate because she is a self-made woman and she's got much more experience. Now that's a killer sentence.”

One of the most unsavoury aspects of Harry and Meghan’s plot is the destruction of the Commonwealth – the life’s work of the late Queen who once hoped her grandson and his new wife were being genuine when they pledged to continue her legacy.

But Angela blames the Duchess, saying: “I think it's Meghan who must encourage him. I find it difficult to think that she doesn't because he does what he's told. She's destroyed or ruined all sorts of things. Her own family – only her mother was at the wedding, all these things. She’s not interested in her father, yet she says compassion is very important to her.”

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Prince William’s relationship with his younger brother is now so toxic he provided the Sussexes no pre-warning ahead of the devastating public announcement that Catherine is suffering from a serious form of cancer.

Angela says: “There you have their priorities. Harry wasn't on the list. If you are unwell the last thing you want is somebody who's going to start telling you how they want you to behave.

“There will be an awkwardness. Quite rightly William is absolutely furious about the comments that Harry made about his wife, insinuating that she didn't have a big personality, that she did what she was told, she was deeply boring and that she was lazy.

“At this time when she needs calm – she doesn't want stress at all – the best thing is actually not letting them know in advance. The other thing is, of course, they can't trust Harry because he's taken sentences and sold them to journalists to make another documentary. He's not having that. Harry's been very rude about William – you can't take it.”

By contrast, Catherine’s relationship with King Charles ­– facing his own terrible cancer fight – has only grown stronger.

“You could see that she really loves the King, and the King really loves her. And that's a very special relationship,” Angela says.

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As for Harry and Charles, things are far from rosy, which explains their brief 15-minute encounter after the Duke made an overnight transatlantic flight to see his father following the public announcement of his cancer diagnosis.

Indeed, Angela, who is also the biographer of the Queen, reveals that Camilla will no longer allow her husband and his son to be alone together.

She recalls: “Earlier Harry wanted to come because he was insisting on an apology to Meghan. And he would also ask for money. He's become very demanding. He is not somebody who now wants to compromise and make things right.

“And I think quite wisely that, when you've just heard you've got cancer, the last thing you want to do is to have an argument with one of your children.

“Camilla insisted on being in the room. Harry said he didn't want her there, but she knew she was not going; he was not going to be with his father on his own.”

Angela cried upon learning of the King’s diagnosis and is fearful for his health, although embraces the monarch’s decision to be positive about his prognosis and continue with his duties as soon as possible, including a potentially taxing tour of Australia and New Zealand.

“In any severe illness, when you're in your 70s, you have to be very careful. You don't know which way they are going to go, and how you can manage. So I think being positive is a very important part of it,” she says.

“I am so sorry that after all that time, decade after decade when he's worked so hard, that he had such a short shot. But I hope that he does come back. You possibly don’t, but I hope he will manage to get rid of it.”

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Camilla, whose own health has been faltering, has successfully taken on the much of the formal load, which is particularly remarkable given Angela reveals just how scared she remains of the negative reception she might receive from the public, many of whom have still not forgiven her over stealing Princess Diana’s husband.

“One of her feelings is that nobody will turn up,” she explains.

“She felt that for their wedding day, that’s why she wouldn't get out of bed until the last minute, because she thought they would scream and be nasty.

“But they can feel her warmth and she's not phony. Everybody is very grateful that she's doing it. She smiles a lot. She dresses impeccably given she's used to big t-shirts and tracksuit trousers.

“What she wants to do is not to be in the spotlight and to be there like a rock like the late Duke of Edinburgh was and be there for Charles. It's not all about me, me. She’s not trying to grab power. She just wants him to feel that things are moving forward as he would like them to be.”